What does Gamification look like?

Gamification is the application of game-based mechanics and design in non-game contexts. It has been applied to areas as diverse as learning, public engagement, health, marketing, and business processes. Gamification is about bringing more of the elements of game design to bear on problems outside of games.

As a motivational…

The newest episode of Should Your Kids Play is out! On this episode we explore Second Extinction, which is a first person shooter based on the Dinosaur Apocalypse! The game is very fast paced and is only in early access which means there are only a few missions available at the moment. Check it out!

ELEX is a post-apocalyptic story about the planet Magalan. The planet Magalan was hit by a comet that both destroyed the planets civilization and also introduced a new resource called Elex. Survivors created their own factions that the player can join. The Berserkers fight using melee weapons and magic…

Cave Story+ is a 2D platformer shooter where you play as a character who has awoken in a strange world and have suddenly found yourself charged with figuring out who you are, where you are, and how to protect the defenseless people in this strange world.

**Important** : All views expressed in this video are my own. No outside entity has paid any money towards this video or any videos. Furthermore, opinions expressed in these videos are not the end all be all. Videos are meant to be a helpful guide and assessment tool; individuals should still do their own research before purchasing a game.

Media Literacy is a topic that comes up often now a days. Particularly because of the **realization of things like fake news, fake videos, and altered documents that spread like wildfire on the internet. I say realization because, believe it or not, fake news is not a new thing…

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