What is the Difference Between EdTech and IT?

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3 min readAug 2, 2021

The major difference between these two terms is that IT refers to information technology and EdTech refers to education technology.

IT deals with computer systems, software, and networking while EdTech deals with teaching the next generation how to learn. This is a clear distinction that has been made by experts in these topics.

What does an EdTech professional do?

It is important to realize that an EdTech professional is not just someone who develops software. Instead, they are people who are experts in everything from pedagogy to educational technologies and everything in between.

They must understand how the technologies will impact teaching and learning, as well as how they can be used to assess students’ progress.

This requires them to have a deep understanding of the field of education and technology, as well as how the two intersect with one another.

What does an IT professional do?

IT professionals are instrumental in making sure that everything is functioning smoothly for a company. They are responsible for the production, installation, and maintenance of computer software and hardware.

IT professionals work closely with programmers and software engineers to identify problems in the systems. They also develop solutions to these problems by using programming languages, such as Java Script or Python.

What are the similarities between EdTech and IT?

Both the EdTech and IT industries are in the business of delivering technology in order to better humans lives. The difference is that the EdTech industry is more focused on improving individual lives, while IT is more focused on improving processes and efficiency.

This similarity stems from how both industries developed over time. People originally used computers to improve their work efficiency and process, which in turn led to both industries being more focused on those areas of focus.

What are the differences between EdTech and IT?

EdTech is a broad term that encompasses all technology in education. IT deals specifically with the design, development and maintenance of computer-based information systems.

EdTech is a broad term that encompasses all technology in education. It includes hardware, software, content and services related to teaching, learning and research. IT deals specifically with the design, development and maintenance of computer-based information systems.

Which industries can benefit from IT or EdTech solutions?

IT and EdTech solutions are beneficial for many industries. They offer a wide range of services that can help businesses improve in various areas.

Some of these industries include education, financial services, healthcare, government agencies and more. Education is one of the most common industries to integrate IT and EdTech solutions because it provides a new way for students to learn through tutorials and practice questions in the form of apps.

When should companies use IT or EdTech solutions, and for what reasons?

There are many reasons why companies may decide to invest in IT or EdTech solutions. These include the need for faster and more efficient web development, reducing costs and improving business processes.

The decision to invest in IT or EdTech solutions is a complex one. It often depends on the type of company you have and what your business goals are. For example, if you’re a large enterprise with long-term goals, then it might be worthwhile to invest in IT solutions that can improve your productivity and reduce cost of operations over time. If you’re a small company with short-term goals, then it might be better for you to focus on improving customer experience through using EdTech solutions such as chatbots that can help answer customer service inquiries without the need for human intervention.

Why should companies hire an EdTech professional over an IT professional if they both have their pros and cons?

Some people may think that they are the same, but there are some major differences. For example, an IT professional can remediate and troubleshoot a network or a system that is out of order. EdTech professionals spend their time evaluating the effectiveness of technology in education, making sure that it is being used in the most appropriate way.

In conclusion, EdTech professionals focus on learning with technology and its potentials for all levels of education, while IT professionals just focus on network and system repairs.



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